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Take a trip with me on YOUR Speaking Journey to becoming a more confident and engaging public speaker or presenter!  Each short video provides constructive guidance and training to enable you to become the poised, engaging speaker you have always admired. We’ll cover common challenges emerging speakers and trainers encounter on the trail and by the end of our hike, you’ll be packed and ready to strike out on your own! UPDATE! ALL VIDEOS ARE NOW FREE!


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Lisa Bellamy

Ms. Rosenson has a lot of knowledge in the presenting, speaking and training arena. Her wisdom is easily accessible and she provides creativity that makes projects work like a dream. She will lead by example, and you will find that she offers advice and information in a very thoughtful but straight forward manner. As a team player or leader, Lindy earns my highest recommendation as few people have the opportunity to work with someone as 'ridiculously' efficient as Ms. Rosenson.

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Jennifer Dotzert

Lindy is an amazing mentor, business woman and friend. Lindy has assisted and guided me through several professional and personal situations and her guidance is priceless. Lindy has a knack for training and sharing information. She creates a safe environment for growth, while pushing the individual to see situations and opportunities from several angles. Lindy really makes an effort to create relationships and connections. I am not sure where I would be without Lindy!

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Darren Pratley

Lindy is that someone special who is critical to have on your team when your looking to run an event that will make an impact. Her connection with the fantastic international speakers she works with allows unique insights and opportunity to develop. 

As an international speaker, I know having Lindy's support and wise direction helps support that growth of my international speaking business. Her attention to detail, communication and industry awareness is valuable with her honesty and direct approach lets you know your on the right path. I really value her on our team.

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Theresa French

Not just a tagline, Lindy is indeed "MORE than just a bureau." As a professional speaker, I continue to be amazed by how accessible, helpful and insightful Lindy is. She's truly invested in the success of her clients and her colleagues. When you get to know Lindy, you'll see too how invested she is in relationships that are collaborative and mutually beneficial for all involved. Lindy knows the business well and knows how to work with meeting planners and speakers alike to impress and influence audiences in a way that let's both the organizer and the speaker shine. I highly recommend Lindy for her professionalism, her willingness to share insights and be helpful in all areas and be the partner speakers and planners alike WANT to work with.


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