How It Works

When you partner with me, the match begins!

ALR Speakers is so much more than a speakers bureau. In fact, I'm not a bureau at all! To the Event Professionals, I'm your partner in finding the best speaker or trainer for your event. To the Professional Speaker or Trainer, I'm your partner in finding the best audience for your breakout or keynote. Unlike a bureau, I am in relationship with you to make you look your best. 


I am connected to many Professional Speakers. I know the ones you want to work with, and frankly, the ones who aren't what you're looking for. I have a close relationship with my speakers and if they aren't a good match for you, we'll work together to find the right Professional Speaker, even if it's not someone I represent!


Are you looking for a partner in your speaking business? I'm just like your doubles tennis partner, setting you up to put away the shot, sitting with you on the sidelines strategizing, pumping you up before you take the court and celebrating with you after the match. We will share goals, share responsibilities and share your vision with your audiences. 


Let's get totally transparent about the money: Event Professionals will never pay more for an ALR Speaker when you go through me, than if you conducted the search on your own. The Professional Speaker pays me a predetermined percentage of their fee without raising their costs. I will not work with speakers who raise their fees to cover their percentage to me. Partnerships don't work like that.

Click over to the following pages to learn more about becoming an ALR Speaker or hiring one. I may not always win, but I'm in it with you til the last point of the match!