Meeting Professionals may be the hardest working people I know! Anyone who is planning an event is juggling fifteen balls at once, with another three or four rolling at their feet. As you plan your event, it's much more than crossing off "to do's". It SHOULD be about creating an experience that is connected to a goal.


The Professional Speakers, Trainers and even other Meeting Professionals I work with will ensure you look like a super hero. Isn't that the job that you've been given? Use the money wisely, but win the day with the right people up front, changing attitudes and delivering results.

You'll never pay more to secure a speaker or trainer through ALR Speakers than on your own. We are completely transparent. The speaker pays ALR a predetermined percentage without raising your fee. When you secure an ALR Speaker, you get a team; we're a team that sets you up to put away the shot. Contact us in advance of your next event!