Dr. Elia Gourgouris

The Happiness Doctor

Stress related ailments cost the US $300 Billion every year in medical bills and lost productivity. In 2012, Aetna found that mindfulness programs caused healthcare costs to fall 7%, for an average savings of $3,000 per employee, and according to the iOpener Institute, increasing HAPPINESS in the workplace reduces the cost of employee turnover by 46%, reduces the cost of sick leave by 19%, and increases performance and productivity by 12%.


Dr. Elia Gourgouris is the author of the #1 best-selling Amazon book, “7 Paths to Lasting Happiness.” In addition, he is an internationally known keynote speaker and happiness expert, specifically focusing on corporate wellness, leadership training, team building, and communication. He coaches leaders and their companies to help them build a culture of trust, accountability, and empowerment. The result is that happily engaged employees are more productive, collaborative, and innovative. With his Positive Psychology background, he has helped thousands of people both in their careers and in their relationships to achieve success and better life/work balance.


Dr. Elia is the president of The Happiness Center – an organization of world leading experts in the field of Positive Psychology.  

Dr. Elia’s specialties include: Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, ​​

Relationship Coaching, Team Building, Employee Engagement, Performance Management, Conflict Resolution, Organizational Development, Emotional Intelligence and Talent Management.

Dr. Gourgouris earned his B.A. in Psychology from UCLA and his M.A. and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the California Graduate Institute. His message is featured on major social media outlets across the globe and his Amazon #1 best-selling book, 7 Paths to Lasting Happiness has been translated into Spanish, Greek, both Cantonese and Mandarin, and a Turkish translation is underway. The Happiness Doctor is eager to visit your community, anywhere across the globe and share his life changing message.