Closing the Gap Between Professional Speakers and Event Professionals

Serving up standing ovations 


ALR Speakers closes the gap between professional speakers and event professionals. We pledge to stay streamlined to serve both speakers and their audiences better. We know each other well and work diligently to customize the presentation and training experience for our speakers and their cherished clients.

We build relationships between 

professional speakers and event 

professionals and nurture them to maturity and common vision. We guard our clients' privacy and intellectual property closely and are honored to serve those we add to the ALR Speakers team. 


For Event Professionals

  • Speaker Referral 

  • Team Training

  • Panel Facilitation

  • Executive Coaching

  • Keynotes and Breakouts

  • Master of Ceremonies

  • Multiple Speaker Coordination

For Professional Speakers

  • Speaker Representation

  • Contract Negotiation 

  • Speaker Referral

  • Website Facilitation

  • Demo Video Facilitation

  • LinkedIn Review and Edit

  • Content Review

  • Business Consultation

  • 01 Work Visa Sponsorship


LI Darrenn Pratley.png

Darren Pratley

Lindy is that someone special who is critical to have on your team when you're looking to run an event that will make an impact. Her connection with the fantastic international speakers she works with allows unique insights and opportunity to develop. 

As an international speaker, I know having Lindy's support and wise direction helps support that growth of my international speaking business. Her attention to detail, communication and industry awareness is valuable. Her honesty and direct approach lets you know you're on the right path. I really value her on our team.

LI Deborah Gardner.png

Deborah Gardner

Working with Lindy is like watching her play a game of tennis. When she hits the ball, there is an intense strategy to score. Due to her wisdom, extensive straight shooter approach, creative mindset, easy to work with process plus being a lot of fun, Lindy is a real pro! And, as a speaker, I'm always eager to work with Lindy whenever I get a chance especially since she likes making winning shots.

LI Theresa French.png

Theresa French

Not just a tagline, Lindy is indeed "MORE than just a bureau." As a professional speaker, I continue to be amazed by how accessible, helpful and insightful Lindy is. She's truly invested in the success of her clients and her colleagues. When you get to know Lindy, you'll see too how invested she is in relationships that are collaborative and mutually beneficial for all involved. Lindy knows the business well and knows how to work with meeting planners and speakers alike to impress and influence audiences in a way that let's both the organizer and the speaker shine. I highly recommend Lindy for her professionalism, her willingness to share insights and be helpful in all areas and be the partner speakers and planners alike WANT to work with.