If you deliver your message through the spoken word and could improve your process by adding a manager, maybe we should get acquainted . 

I created ALR Speakers to close the gap between Speakers, Trainers and Meeting Professionals. I'm NOT a bureau or an agent; I'm your partner. I work alongside you to create, market and deliver your message to the right audience. I make the connections and develop the relationships you don't have time for as you are creating, refining and traveling. If you are in need of an O1 Visa to work in the US, ALR Speakers may be able to sponsor you to work legally in the US.

My favorite speaking clients are creative, open to learning, possess unwavering ethics, are experts in their field, light hearted, generous with their leads and honestly, the kind of people I want to vacation with!  I don't work with speakers who deliver messages that are degrading to any segment of the population, political in nature or "speak to sell" style. And if you prefer to filter your leads from events I've recommended for you, we're likely not a match. If you educate, inspire or change behavior for the better, you're my kind of speaker.


Typically, ALR Speakers already have well developed messages, some video, social media content and have authored a book or two. Most ALR Speakers have earned their Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from the National Speakers Association (NSA) or the equivalent designation in their home country. I'm my best when working on specific event proposals and creating ongoing relationships. Are you a future ALR Speaker?  Let's find out!

Services and Fees

Get to know you 30 minute consultation 


"One off " Speaker or Trainer placement

25% commission on negotiated fee


01 Work Visa Sponsorship

$1000 plus attorney fees

Short Term Consulting on a variety of projects

$250 an hour

"All in" non exclusive representation

$10,000  a year